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About Varied / Student A colorful confusion15/Female/Philippines Groups :iconzipzip-fanbase: Zipzip-fanbase
And Commander Clark!
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Terrain Messengers of the West by Pansearific Terrain Messengers of the West :iconpansearific:Pansearific 10 1 Request Batch #2 PREVIEW by Pansearific Request Batch #2 PREVIEW :iconpansearific:Pansearific 10 9 Sucymatsu by Pansearific Sucymatsu :iconpansearific:Pansearific 20 4 3x3 No Evil Allowed by Pansearific 3x3 No Evil Allowed :iconpansearific:Pansearific 21 21 C.B.T.O. by Pansearific C.B.T.O. :iconpansearific:Pansearific 32 3 Coffee by Pansearific Coffee :iconpansearific:Pansearific 15 0 Fearless Comets by Pansearific Fearless Comets :iconpansearific:Pansearific 44 7 Mood by Pansearific Mood :iconpansearific:Pansearific 12 9 +Commission+ HealerCharm by Pansearific +Commission+ HealerCharm :iconpansearific:Pansearific 20 3 The Fushigi by Pansearific The Fushigi :iconpansearific:Pansearific 28 19 Weird! by Pansearific Weird! :iconpansearific:Pansearific 24 3 Fire and Ice by Pansearific Fire and Ice :iconpansearific:Pansearific 24 11 The Pie Family by Pansearific The Pie Family :iconpansearific:Pansearific 33 3 Request Batch #1 PREVIEW by Pansearific Request Batch #1 PREVIEW :iconpansearific:Pansearific 16 19 And his name is Cherry Blossom by Pansearific And his name is Cherry Blossom :iconpansearific:Pansearific 20 2 Fire, Water, Grass by Pansearific Fire, Water, Grass :iconpansearific:Pansearific 25 2

Remember, do not be afraid to correct or justify me when I am wrong about something.
I am still learning.

What's all this pansear nonsense you ask?
Well buddy, read this if you are curious.


Above is a status of how I draw. I have not updated it since, though.

I accept:
  • Furries, OCs, canon characters, animals, humans, minor violence and gore, shipping (even ones I don't like or don't care about), crossovers, pansear(exception is "Stress Reliever")
I don't accept:
  • Very explicit violence and gore, fetishes, sexual content, over detailed characters
If the commission expires and I don't respond:
  • Please wait until I give you feedback, informing that I will accept or deny it. You would have to request it again if accepted.
If you have a licensed coupon and you want to use it:
  • Please provide link to proof of privileged coupon(screenshot, signed image of coupon, etc.) along with commission. I will not accept if the coupon is invalid.
Submission choices:
  • To support me from clogging my gallery, you have the choice to have your commission posted by or in my Furaffinity account only. Just inform me first when requesting the commission, otherwise, I'd post it in my main account on deviantart.
Please remind me every 3 weeks since the acceptance of the commission if I have not finished it during the time!

No refunds once commission is done.

Unless if you want to...kekeke...
Stress Reliever (OPEN)
I'll turn any character into a pan/simi monkey of your desire.
This is one of my "special" abilities, don't worry. It will not turn out to be ugly, unless if the character is tempting to.
Quick simple sketch is default.
It's cheap because pansear, but you can't use characters that are already in this species upon this commission type.
#513 Pansear+100 points for another added character
#513 Pansear+200 for background
#513 Pansear+200 for shading/lighting
#513 PansearOnly limited to one art style (#5 Sweetie A and B; which involves lineart to be colorful and tampered with unique grace; Sweetie A is done by tablet while Sweetie B is done by mouse)
#513 PansearFree power whether or not to make it half body or full body
#513 PansearFree power to re-post without my credit 
#513 PansearNo points needed for small extra stuff (Items, hearts, symbols, etc.)
I will draw your character using the very limited Drawception sandbox.
#513 PansearNo background/one color background
#513 PansearSet to shading and lighting
#513 PansearFree power to choose full body, bust, and half body
#513 Pansear+50 points for an added character
#513 PansearFree power to choose any palette(only one per canvas)
#513 PansearAlthough it is limited, artworks are noticeably greater than expected
#513 PansearNo points needed for small extra stuff (Items, hearts, symbols, etc.)
LOA Fake Official art (OPEN)
Please provide reference to your character/s.
I will draw them in the art style of LOA's official character wiki art.
Of course, I will not post them in the wiki.
It doesn't have to be an approved fan-character nor a pokemon.
It's cheaper because you are limited to one art style only, set to full body without shading/lighting.
#513 Pansear+300 points for another added character
#513 PansearFree power to re-post without my credit 
#513 PansearNo points needed for small extra stuff (Items, hearts, symbols, etc.)
A really nice picture of your character (CLOSED)
Please provide a reference to the desired character/s while commissioning, and choose any of my art styles in the gallery. I have about 9 best art styles I can manage. These are only a small number of a total number of art styles I have. The rest is in my older account.
#513 Pansear+200 points for Shading and Lighting
#513 Pansear+200 points for Background or no background
#513 Pansear+300 points for another added character
#513 Pansear+500 points for speed paint 
#513 PansearFree power whether or not to make it half body or full body
#513 PansearFree power to re-post without my credit 
#513 PansearFree power to choose any allowed song if speed painted 
#513 PansearNo points needed for small extra stuff (Items, hearts, symbols, etc.)
Sketch request finish
If you have a finished sketch request made by me, and you want me to finish it further, pay up 500 points. I will not finish it now because I currently have no tablet to do so.
#513 PansearEffort 
#513 PansearShading and Lighting
#513 PansearBackground or no background
#513 PansearBest art style I have
#513 Pansear+300 points for another added character
#513 PansearNo points needed for small extra stuff (Items, hearts, symbols, etc.)
LOA Recruits (CLOSED)
#513 PansearYour designed character will be a permanent non-cameo character for my series called Life of Avian.
#513 PansearYou are able to control or give commands to your character if you want, and your character is allowed to interact with any canon character they meet as long as their written personalities are justified.
#513 PansearPrices for this commission will increase as the series gets more popular. 
#513 PansearThis commission is limited to only one character. 
#513 PansearYou have the desire to let your character die at some point, or live for a very long time depending on their current positions.  

Please observe proper fan-made character etiquette.


The Fushigi
  1. Your character must be a non-legendary and non-pseudo odd type pokemon.
  2. Your character must strictly have no relation with any of the three main characters.
  3. Your character must be strong, inside and outside.
  4. Your character must be at least in the age of a young adult.
  1. Your character must be a non-legendary and non-pseudo pokemon.
  2. Your character must have experience in exploration and hiking.
  3. Your character must be at least in the age of a young adult.
Zippy, Zappy and Co.
  1. Your character must be a non-legendary and non-pseudo electric type pokemon.
  2. He/She/They must have good knowledge for technology.
  3. Your character doesn't have to be an electric rodent.
  4. Your character must be at least in the age of a young adult.
LOA Character priority
Making this commission will encourage me to focus more on a specific official character in LOA. I will expand more of their wikia information and probably star them in a certain nearby chapter. I will also make more drawings of them.

#513 PansearWhile putting a description to whom you want to choose to prioritize, you are allowed to choose up to three characters, just in case if one selection isn't available. 
#513 PansearFan characters are not included, as they are considered regular commissions. 
#513 PansearYou may also give suggestions on what I should illustrate about them. 


Pansearific has started a donation pool!
104 / 10,000

To show support, donate! (●´ω`●)

In three years, the year of 2020, I will be making a 366-fanart day extravaganza, where I draw my favorite mediums every day if possible alphabetically. Pretty tiresome, but it will be a golden year for me. Besides, I always wanted to express myself.
But at the same time of the years, I will hold onto LOA with my heart's content. I will either post at least one comic page every day or bingepost them all in one day, which means that about 20 chapters will be posted within a year.
Oh! Then 20 chapters is one book! One book a year? How cool!

Anyways, got it all covered. But if you want to give a hand or two, feel free!
I would appreciate it more if you would give me some of your suggestions and criticism! Don't be afraid to speak up. I maybe be moody, but my heart really wants to take exploration of being better.

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Pansearific's Profile Picture
A colorful confusion
Artist | Student | Varied

Fushigi Trio by wedginaa
Any pronoun acceptable || Female || 15 || Aries || Bi-Demi || Taken
"I have many different ways of drawing.
Maybe it's because I refuse.
I refuse to be just one person."

Why pansear? Well for starters, why (insert the thing you are addicted here)?

Hi! I'm Jade, but call me Pansear. I'm a 15-year old female artist who focuses on various forms of creativity nearby my grasps and eventually draw them as such, which is usually fanart. I suffer from bipolarity and schizophrenia, but I sometimes benefit from them when expressing about how I feel in forms of art. I do seek optimism and motivation, even when I am down or have the urges to be alone, and I do also ask for help and forgiveness from others. In return, I help them back, and give my thoughts about them.

I generally love making friends, even though some parts of my moodiness doesn't want to make any. I love drawing, a lot, especially drawing pansear- it is my most favorite thing in the world and it makes me happy. I also love writing and creating unique stories about existing characters, mine or yours. I am easily inspired by a lot of people, so my art forms may vary depending on my current situations. So if I'm angry at you, I may be having a bad day or set on the bad mood. I am usually friendly according to my neutral state. I do not intend to seek for so much attention, but rather people to know about.

I wanted to discover new things, new acknowledgements, and new ideas. I do not mean harm, but I do mean to spread how much I am a better person than I am than the past self. I wanted to be a good person, a person who's fun-loving and expansive. But because of my mental illness and my inability to speak Filipino well, it will be a hard journey for me.

Because I wanna sit things out, I'm sticking with pansear.
I don't care if you think it's a wasted potential, at least I'm having fun.

I like these, so if you don't, then don't attack me.
Undertale Stamp by TheRealAussieKitten Osomatsu-san Stamp 3 by Lessandrant I love fnaf regardless of what others say stamp by Stamp3Maker
Steven Universe by stampsnstuff MLP: Friendship is Magic Stamp by ecokitty
Oh and I like pansear, in case you didn't know.

513 - Pansear by Marlenesstamps SearPour? by LudiculousPegasus Shiny Pansear by Marlenesstamps
Pansear by CreepyJellyfish

Thank you for giving me another perspective.
I love you Maui.
#513 Pansear by Pokemon-ressources :heart: #135 Jolteon by Pokemon-ressources
I'll add more later! ^_^
Dead or alive, depressed or fine, perverted or clean, you're still a good person to me. Why? You inspired me, in a good way.
I'm right here if YOU need me. So if you want anymore of my metaphors, don't hesitate to give me a message.

Let's bring the best of the worst together!

Can I request/commission/collaborate/trade with ya?
Collabs and trades are for friends only.
There are some rare instances where I offer free requests and open up commissions.
HOWEVER! The Pansear exchange system still applies for non-friends. For more information, take a read on this.

If you have an existing Commission, Request, Art trade, or Collaboration that I have not finished in months ever since, refer to this.

FC: 2251 - 5989 - 8268

Please don't comment on my profile about thanking for favorites/watches, begging or giving chain comments. However, you are free to greet and give random shit to me.

Pokemon © Nintendo
Yeah. I don't OWN Pansear. But I really like to draw the species as original characters.

This is a shipping war-free zone!

#516 Simipour by Pokemon-ressources #514 Simisear by Pokemon-ressources
Please respect each other's shippings unless someone bitches about it.
If they do bitch about it, please approach them cautiously and justify them gently.
Ignore them if they won't stop.
Yes, even if Magoku Star somehow gets here. Let's respect her as a real person as it is.

The same applies to having different opinions.
Please accept criticism gracefully and keep your cool.

"Aye, but don't feel guilty for shipping SagePour yourself just because there's one leech sucking about it. The same things happen to other fandoms."


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